Thomas Railway Pals Mountain Adventure


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​Roll James over track activation points to hear sounds, music and educational phrases that teach children about letters, numbers, directions (over under), and the colour red
​Press James' light-up bumper for additional music, sounds and phrases
Includes over 30 sounds, songs and phrases (using James' bumper and activation points)​
Raise the boulder to the top of Owen using the lift, then watch it roll down the slide into the bin​
​Raise and lower the crossing gate on the archway, or bump James' bumper into it to hear sounds and phrases
Contents: Railway Pals Mountain Adventure Set including Railway Pals James train with cargo car, boulder cargo piece, multiple track pieces, 4 track activation points, Owen tower with boulder lift and slide, archway with crossing gate and spinning scoop
Batteries required: 2 x AAA (R03) (Included)