Marbo Interactive Educational Robot - Blue


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The 1st interactive learning robot

An unlimited amount of activities for hours of fun and learning with your new friend

Talk Mode – Marbo understands and answers questions

Marbo understands and answers to 15 vocal commands thanks to voice recognition. Have fun chatting, dancing and singing with your friend.

Imitation Mode – Marbo loves to repeat what you say

Marbo loves to repeat what you say with a funny voice. Let’s have fun!

« Be my friend » Mode – Marbo plays and interacts with his Marbo friends

When you introduce two Marbos, they talk, sing and learn together.

Marbo App Mode

Marbo interacts with your tablet/smartphone for hours of fun learning

The free Marbo app available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store lets you access a large number of entertaining activities for hours of fun with your penguin robot. Maths, English, Cognition, Logic… learn and revise with Marbo. Specially developed for a young audience, this fun app offers limitless and enhanced content. Feed your friend or listen to Marbo imitate animal sounds and play musical instruments. Marbo also knows plenty of stories and songs and loves to play games.

Touch sensors – Marbo reacts to touch

Thanks to his touch sensors, Marbo makes funny noises when you touch his head, belly or wings