Cooking Science Mini Kit


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Find Out:

What the similarities between a scientist and a chef

What are the chemical reactions behind our meals

How to bake the best chocolate muffin in the world

Which bacteria are used in food production

How to make gums, pizza and even instant ice cream

Science4You has a strong mission to raise people’s awareness of science in daily life and a clear vision to improve educational standards by developing brilliantly fun toys, games, and home science experiments that let children learn while having fun playing with their toys.

In our Science4you range you can find toys for infants and young children that stimulate cognitive skills. Pick your science toy today!

Sent wonderfully packaged, this incredible Science4You Toy will be sent swiftly and before you know it will be sitting proudly on your table and receiving admiring comments from all your family, friends and colleagues!


• For ages 8 years and over. Not suitable for children under 3 years old – Choking Hazards